Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blog Updates Have Moved!

I suppose I should make a formal announcement here at the "old" blog before I have all operations going at the new place.

From this point forward, all posts for my blog will now be at . I finally figured out how to get the platform going over there, so now I don't need to have my blog and domain separate anymore.

So, change your bookmarks and see you over at my domain. Take care!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Desert Land & Reflections

Dusty, two-lane highways are quintessential to the American way. Up until this past weekend, I hadn't really experienced the meaning of a "road trip". Sure, I drove to campus when I was in undergrad, but that was just me traveling from Point A to Point B, several times per year. I wasn't taking stops every hour or so to take in the scenery. Then again, I was the driver.

Over the weekend, I went to Las Vegas with some friends by car. Without stops, the drive would have been nine hours or ten, with traffic. But we took quite a few stops for gas, food, bathroom, coffee, etc. Along the way, I took many pictures of the scenery we passed by. It was different from what I was accustomed to in the past: dry, mountainous desert land.

On the way to Las Vegas, I felt intrigued by the landscape and watched it all pass by with a smile. On the way back to San Francisco, I felt a sadness emanating from the lands as we cruised on up Highway 5. The dryness of the area, the monotonous tones....I realized that I wouldn't want to live in areas like this.

Just more thoughts to confirm what my landscape preferences are: mountains, oceans, lakes, forests, etc. Let's not talk about cityscapes this time around. That'll have to wait until a future entry.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Ebb & Flow of Writing, of Life

In the past month, I haven't really thought much about writing. Sure, there were times when I decided I wanted to write a little something, so I fired up my NEO AlphaSmart and just typed away. But, these were just rare occurrences. I found myself focused on GMAT and on other aspects of my life instead.

And now, with the GMAT completed and all the free time in the world for me again, I sit here and just ponder. A part of me feels like I need to hurry up and get back to my writing, but there's a whole part of me that just gently nudges me and says, "Well, take your time. You don't need to be in a hurry."

During these past three years, I've seen my interest in writing go up and down a lot. There are periods of time when I feel like it's all I can think about, that I can only focus on my novels or my short stories and devour everything I can when it comes to writing reference and self-help books from the library or the bookstore. And then, the complete opposite happens: I stop writing, I stop reading, and I'm just befuddled as to what to do with my time.

That's just how it goes. And right now seems to be a period of nothingness after all the rollercoaster feelings I've gone through over the summer. Perhaps I'll find that passion for writing again. I know I will, but I suppose I can't always expect life to move so quickly with everything I want to do. Just take it all one moment at a time.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

48 Hours Later: Change is Arriving

It's strange to me that I sit here today with a completely different mindset than on Sunday afternoon. Yesterday, I decided to go downtown for some shopping and also to visit some old friends. The idea of reconnecting with others really invigorated me and gave me a renewed outlook; plus, it didn't hurt to hear their insight on my predicament from last Friday.

I realize now (and I'd known before but seemed to have forgotten) that....well, there's always more than one way to get to a destination, a goal. It's not always cut-and-dry, it's not always easy. Nothing is easy in life--that's what my family continues to say to me. But I should be grateful for all that has happened this year, both good and bad. I've learned a lot this year, maybe more than in previous years. I suppose it's always like that: each new year brings along new lessons.

Now, the next step seems clearer than it did on Sunday. My first baby step is to get over my fear of change. It happens all the time (change). I need to learn to move with it instead of fight it.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Roadblocks Along Life.

Panorama 5 of Gunma Museum of Art,Tatebayashi ...Image via Wikipedia

Another delayed post. The past few weeks have been hectic, especially on the weekends, so I haven't had time to really think of much to write about.

In short, the fruits of my labor weren't realized on Friday when I took my actual GMAT for the third time. The whole weekend I've been pondering what to do next, and it doesn't really help that I feel tugged from different directions. There's a road that I want to travel upon to get to my destination, but somehow there are roadblocks coming along that I didn't expect. And now, I can only contemplate what to do next.

I know I need to find my place in life, that I need to achieve my goals. But then the question comes as well: what is really important to me? The past few days, I've thought about that and observed my surroundings, and I see what's important to me. I don't need anything more. Yet I find myself fighting for more anyway.

I suppose we all go through this phase at some point in our lives. Sometimes it happens early on in our lives, and sometimes it happens much later.

Well, that's all I have to say. Until Tuesday, then.

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